Electric Furnace Prices of Different Brands

Electric furnace prices are varied in the market due to several factors. Brands, available features of the product are some of the factors available helping to determine the electric furnace prices. Electric furnaces are available with different reputable brands.

Unlike gas or oil furnaces, electric furnaces are operated by the electricity drawn from the main circuit of your house. Since you do not have to purchase oil or gas from outside some house owners like to have electric furnaces, even though it increases the electricity bill. Electric furnaces are essential for the countries with winter climates or the places those are having a cool climate due to high altitude.

Goodman, Ruud, Rheem are some of the reputable firms introducing the electric furnaces. They are elegant and versatile models. However there is a cost for the installation of circulation pipes and modification of the house. This may be more than the cost of the furnace. Let’s look at some of the electric furnace prices guide and the features.
Rheem has different electric furnaces of different prices. These different prices are determined by the tonnage of the furnaces. 1.5-3.0 ton electric furnace, 3.0-4.0 ton electric furnace, 4.0-5.0 ton electric furnace is the available three types. The price of the 1.-3.0 type is 956.00 $. The price of the 3.0-4.0 type is around 1131 $. The largest type of the Rheem electric furnace mentioned above is priced to a 1442 $.

The 1-5-3 ton model or the RHSLHM3617 is one of the economical solutions for your home heating requirements. It can be considered as one of the products that is operated without any disturbance to you. The silence operation of this product is ensured by the producer. Further this product has got the certification of the Air Conditioning and the Refrigeration institute. Further this product is having the beneficial features like transformer and blower time delay for all units, fully insulated steel cabinet which is also resistant to the rust. Direct drive multi speed motor, a heating capacity of up to 68000..etc.

The 3.0-4.0 tons type or the RHSLHM4821 is one of the best models manufactured by the Rheem. It is also known as the model RHSLHM4821. This model is also well known for its quiet operation. This model is one of the superior answers for the super heating performance. This model is consisting of a blower that would be helpful to circulate heat through out the home. Both heating and a cooling coil are built for the operation of it. This cooling coil is one of the optional features and some models and brands of the heating furnaces do not have a coil. Further the multi speed motor having the direct drive, transformer and blower time delay, rust resistant fully insulated steel cabinet are some of the features of this model.

The 4.0-5.0 type that includes the model RHSLHM6024 is the next electric furnace model manufactured by the Rheem. This model also includes the aforesaid beneficial features of the electric furnaces.

Rudd is the other brand of the electric furnaces more at furnacebuzz. It is also available in 1.5-3.0, 3.0-4.0 and 4.0-5.0 tons weights. It is one of the economical options for the heating requirements of your house. The Rudd electric furnaces are compact.

These versatile furnaces can be installed almost anywhere in your home including crawl spaces, attics or in the basements.
The electric furnace prices of the Rudd furnaces also not much high compared to the Rheem and economical for most of the customers.